62c.f. #3 perlitePerlite is an important commodity in the horticulture industry where it is mixed with soil. The addition of perlite to soil increases the amount of air (i.e., oxygen) held in the soil, as well as the amount of water retained by the soil. Helps prevent soil compaction in containers and promote strong root development. Perlite is called an aggregate, meaning it’s added to a potting soil to improve aeration and drainage. The addition of perlite in a potting soil will also increase the moisture and nutrient retention of the potting soil. Perlite acts like reservoirs in retaining water and nutrients when these items are in excess and releasing them when they are needed by the plant.

Coco Coir – (block)

coco coir (2)Coco Coir is 100% Organic, it promotes strong root growth and plant vigor. Coco Coir absorbs water readily and re-wets easily, thus reducing the need for wetting agents. It also, reduces watering frequency without plant stress, thereby reducing labor costs and minimizing plant loss. Coco Coir increases shelf life of plants and the slow breakdown of material means product will not shrink during your growing cycle. High water holding capacity while still maintaining excellent drainage and aeration.

Peat Moss – (3.8 cf)

sunshine peat mossPeat moss is used as a form of compost for soils. Peat moss is partially decomposed sphagnum moss. Most potting soils that are purchased from a garden center have some amount of peat moss in them. Although it holds water and is great for plants that require low pH levels, it has no nutrients of its own. Any once-living form of vegetation can be used in place of peat moss.

Lava Rock 3/8″

lava rockAn often overlooked, but highly beneficial soil amendment is lava rocks. Lava rocks help soil retain moisture, add to soil structure, boost microbe activity and improve crop health and yields. These volcanic rocks can be incorporated into in-ground or container gardens, making them a useful soil additive to any style gardener.